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Full title: DISCOVERY - Digital Semantic Corpora for Virtual Research in Philosophy
Funding institution: European Commission: Information Society and Media Directorate-General: eContentplus, Luxembourg
Budget: euro 3 037 000; EU contribution: euro 2 000 000
Duration: 36 months (from 1.11.2006 to 1.11.2009) Type of project: R&D; contract number: ECP 2005 CULT 038206.
Coordinator: Paolo D’Iorio, Institut des Textes et Manuscrits Modernes (CNRS-ENS, Paris) / Maison Française d’Oxford (CNRS-MAEE)


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Work Package Overview

Project Management
1. Project Management (Paolo D'Iorio)
2. Assessment and Evaluation (Christine Madsen)
3. Awareness and Dissemination (Christine Madsen)

Software Customization
4. Software Customization: Hyper (Danilo Giacomi)
5. Software Customization: Talia (Michele Barbera)
6. Software Customization: Philospace (Christian Morbidoni)

Content Enrichment
7. Define Ontologies (Christian Morbidoni)
8. Structural Enrichment (Tone Merete Bruvik)
9. Semantic Enrichment (Cristina Marras)